Community-Wide Easter Egg Hunt

Hunt for Easter Eggs safely from the seat of your car!

After our children’s egg hunt had to be canceled because of the new social distancing guidelines, our team set out to find a way for our families to enjoy safely getting out of the house while encouraging our entire community to participate. So, on April 8-12, we want you to egg your house for a unique community wide Easter egg hunt! You heard us right! We want you to download an Easter egg printout that you can cut out and hide in a window of your house so that neighborhood children can drive up and safely hunt to find your egg from the seat of a car. A full set of instructions and downloads can be found below. Spread the word so we can make this a fun way for everyone to celebrate Holy Week from safely inside your home!


Step 1: Egg Your House

  1. Download the Egg Printout.
  2. Print out the the PDF and then color/decorate however you would like.
  3. Cut out your egg and place it in a location visible from the street (window, bush, fence, etc.).
  4. Place the smaller egg cutouts on both sides of your mailbox letting children know that your house is participating in the egg hunt.
  5. Make sure to have your egg in place by Wednesday, April 8.
  6. Watch as folks drive by to find your egg. If you see them, step out to give them a friendly wave!

Step 2: Participate in the Hunt

  1. From April 8-12 drive around your neighborhood to find as many eggs as you can. If you see an egg posted on a mailbox, then that house has one hidden just for you!
  2. Take a picture of yourself participating, post it on social media tagging VHUMC for a chance to win a great prize.

We ask that you continue to participate in this wonderful event while remaining within the latest state guidelines regarding COVID-19.