Hurricane Relief

We have received several requests of what VHUMC can do to get involved and help with the hurricane relief efforts for Michael. As you know, we were instrumental in getting flood buckets to the warehouse right before Florence. As hurricane season continues, we take our lead from UMCOR and what is most needed at the time of a disaster. As more needs arrive, we will continue to update. As of today, here is what we know.

We need to prepare now to respond to our neighbors in this way:

  1. Pray. Form prayer circles at work, with your neighbors, family, or at your church.
  2. Begin recruiting now for teams to go assist when we receive the go-ahead. Do not go until it is deemed safe by emergency officials!
  3. Begin collecting needed supplies: Fans, 25 ft. extension cords, flat shovels, garden rakes, mosquito repellent, Shockwave cleaner (you can order this from Amazon and have it shipped to the Disaster Response Warehouse and Mission Center), and assorted sizes of tarps.
  4. Begin collecting money because both Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence will be long term response and recovery efforts. If donating money, please make your donation to VHUMC and write Hurricane Relief on the memo line.
  5. Pass this along to someone else and encourage them to sign-up for our updates.
  6. Watch for emails that will contain specific requests.
  7. The Decatur Disaster Response Warehouse needs volunteer drivers with trucks and trailers to deliver requested supplies. Contact the warehouse to volunteer.
  8. Volunteer at the Disaster Response Warehouse and Mission Center to prepare shipments and receive donations.

Thank you VHUMC for your continued efforts in serving others. The above items can be dropped at the Lighthouse where it will serve as a donation drop off spot. VHUMC will also be collecting gift cards for families in need in that area. Gift cards can be taken to the Missions office or to the Lighthouse director’s office.