Adult Sunday School


VHUMC offers a wide variety of Adult Sunday School classes for fellowship and spiritual growth.  Look over this list and visit a few different classes to find the perfect class for you. Class meet from 9:45 to 10:45.


Class NameAgesRoom NumberTeaching StyleDescription
Agape20’s-30’s204Bible study, discussionThis new Sunday School class is for young couples. Come join in this exciting opportunity to be a part of a long-term group for fellowship and spiritual growth.
Seekers30’s245Lecture, study and discussionThis class is made up of couples, with young and school-aged children, that have a passion for learning about God and His Word. Mission and fellowship opportunities.
Believers30’s-40's208Lecture and discussionThis class is made up of young couples with infant to elementary aged children. A variety of teachers lead lessons in parenting, marriage and books of the Bible. Regular Bible studies, social events and outreach projects provide additional fellowship opportunities.
Friends in Faith30’s-40’s207DiscussionFriends in Faith is made up of couples in their mid-30’s - 40’s with children in elementary and middle school. Lessons are a mix of Bible studies and life application and spiritual growth topics. Regular social events and outreach opportunities provide fellowship outside of class.
Unity30’s-40’s203ALecture and discussionThis class is made up of mostly married couples with children. A variety of teachers and lessons on spiritual growth are offered. Regular socials provide fellowship outside of the classroom.
Apostles on the Hillside30’s-50’s105Lecture and discussionLate 30's-early 50's, married or single, with kids or not--teacher led group discussion of scripture-based lessons. Average attendance is 8-18 each week.
Discovery30’s-50’s203Biblically-based, discussion-ledA small-group, discussion class made up of parents in their 40’s and 50’s. We discover and discuss the scripture and stories of the Bible with assistance from books written by authors such as Adam Hamilton, John McArthur, and James Montgomery Boice. We engage in lively discussions, sometimes off-topic, but always enlightening.
Cornerstone40’s-50’s247Lecture and discussionMost members are couples with youth and college age children. Lessons focus on spiritual growth using a variety of topics and teachers. Socials help members get to know one another and build friendships.
Harvest45-65246Lecture and discussionMostly couples, this class meets for Biblically-based lessons and spiritual growth. Outreach projects and socials are also offered.
Grace40’s-70’s207AConversationThe Grace Class, by way of conversation, explores the work of grace in daily life, affirms diversity in theological and Biblical perspectives and seeks to be open to new understandings of our faith tradition. As Christians, the Grace Class is guided by the teachings of Jesus to aid and support the reconciliation of all people with each other and with God. Grace inherently means being welcoming, including, and loving, always seeking to live in the spirit and way of Jesus. Grace especially reaches out to persons who have felt separated because of their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, or uncertainties regarding faith. We are committed to being an open and inclusive community that explores the truth of God's grace.
Serendipity50’s207BLecture and discussionWe are a “Boomer” class that likes to have fun! But, we are serious about our love of Christ. Our lessons are varied, “never dull”, lecture and discussion oriented, using the talents of outside speakers each week. We have a heart for charity and outreach, and love picnics in the park. The class is equal parts married and single, always looking forward to welcoming new members. If you would like to start each lesson with a bit of humor, come join us for fellowship and enlightenment.
Advent50’s-60’s147Lecture with discussionDiverse backgrounds come together to apply spiritual truths in daily life. We enjoy socials and serving others in mission outreach.
Becomers50’s-60’s316Lecture with discussionThis class enriches our Christian faith and encourages us to “become more Christ-like.” Lessons are based on Biblical and social topics, presented by class members and guest speakers. The class is active in social & outreach activities.
Leigh Gray50’s-70’s318DiscussionThis is a Bible study class. Each person has a student book and is encouraged to study the lesson and participate in the weekly lesson. It’s a great group for spiritual growth.
Covenant50’s-70’s324Lecture and discussionCoffee and social time are followed by a lesson from the Adult Bible Studies curriculum. We learn more about God, ourselves, and each other as we share in discussion.
St. James50’s-70’s242Teacher and discussionThe St. James class is a group of persons ranging in age from late 50’s to early 70’s. Our lessons cover a wide range of subjects including theology, Bible topics, and social issues within an atmosphere of very open and honest group discussion.
Exodus60’s-70’s323Lecture and discussionMembers of this class lead active discussions and present speakers focusing on Biblical and church related topics, lessons and outreach subjects. The class is active in outreach functions and enjoys regular social interaction.
Genesis60's and up202Lecture and discussionVarious teachers and topics. Focus is on Biblical themes and Christian living. The Genesis Class actively supports outreach efforts and mission projects. They also enjoy regular social gatherings.
Trinity70’s and up206Lecture and discussionStrong teachers lead this class on various faith topics, along with class discussion. Monthly potluck suppers are planned.
Fellowship70’s and up322Guest leader and discussionThis class is the oldest in the church. They also were the original young adult class. We regularly support various mission projects. Socials are frequently planned.