Children’s Ministry

We recognize that our children are filled with so many choices in their lives.  It is our prayer that the ministries of VHUMC will always lead them to Jesus in those choices. We are moving down the road, always in the direction of Jesus. Our ministry together is sure to be a delight to God as our children become equipped for their own unique style of leadership at VHUMC.


Children In Worship

Jesus did not require a particular standard of comprehension and neither should we. While children probably do not always receive the same messages in worship that youth or adults receive, they still receive many messages and meanings that are both spoken and unspoken about their own value to our faith community.

We believe that children gather all sorts of information and impressions that they will assimilate later in their lives. We try to meet the children where thy are – including them in worship as much as possible so they are learning the act of worship through experience. When we strengthen their worship, we also magnify our own worship. We encourage you to let your children be a part of your worship experience.

Acolytes and Bible Bearers

It is important for our children to understand their call to be worship leaders. Serving as a Acolyte or Bible Bearer is their opportunity to lead the Sanctuary congregation in worship.

Children in the 4th and 5th Grades are assigned to serve as Acolytes. During the worship service, they are responsible for bringing in the light of Jesus Christ into the worship service at the beginning of the service and taking the light of Christ out into the world at the conclusion of the service.

Children in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades are invited to participate as a Bible Bearer in the sanctuary worship service. They bring the in the Holy Scriptures in and out of the worship service.

Training for both areas of service and leadership is held once a year in the Fall, and is mandatory to participate.