FUEL: For the Body, Mind, and Spirit

FUEL is a physical fitness program for adults – men and women – who would like to regain and maintain flexibility and muscle tone. The exercises involve stretching and rhythmical movement as well as activities designed to increase strength. It’s a great way to get in better condition.


8:15 am, MWF – led by Barbara Lee

This class will offer activities to develop and maintain muscle tone, flexibility and range of motion using chairs for seated exercises and for balance during standing exercises. It will incorporate hand weights and resistance bands for upper body strengthening. Walking on the track will be encouraged, but is optional.

11:00 am, MWF – led by Jim Frazier

Level 2 will feature some of the same goals as Level 1, but will include additional cardio work. There will be no chair exercises, but chairs may be used for balance when standing; floor exercises will be a mainstay.