Exercise Classes


Accountability is a strong component to staying in shape for many people. That’s why VHUMC offers a variety of classes/groups that you can jump in to with your friends. Whether it is a personal trainer or a running group, we have something to meet your fitness goals.




FUEL is a physical fitness program for adults – men and women – who would like to regain and maintain flexibility and muscle tone. The exercises involve stretching and rhythmical movement as well as activities designed to increase strength. It’s a great way to get in better condition.

  • 8:15 am, MWF – led by Barbara Lee
    • This class will offer activities to develop and maintain muscle tone, flexibility and range of motion using chairs for seated exercises and for balance during standing exercises. It will incorporate hand weights and resistance bands for upper body strengthening. Walking on the track will be encouraged, but is optional.
  • 11:00 am, MWF – led by Jim Frazier
    • Level 2 will feature some of the same goals as Level 1, but will include additional cardio work. There will be no chair exercises, but chairs may be used for balance when standing; floor exercises will be a mainstay.


Have you ever wanted a personal trainer but couldn’t afford one? Now you can have the benefits of a trainer, pay less per session, and be motivated by your group to train hard! Ali Sanders, who has a degree in Exercise Science from Auburn University and is an ACE certified Personal Trainer with over 15 years of experience, is offering group personal training sessions in the Lighthouse gym. Six 45-minute sessions are offered each week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:15 am and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 1:00 pm. Each session runs for four weeks. Space is limited to 10 people per session. Don’t miss out on this great exercise opportunity! For more information, or to register, please contact Alli McGill.


Kelly Garrison teaches in a style that accommodates all bodies and all abilities, regardless of athletic experience. Please join us at The Lighthouse on Saturday mornings at 8:30am for a one-hour yoga class focusing on foundational poses, alignment, building strength, flexibility and relaxation. All you need to bring is a mat! Classes are $10 with a Lighthouse membership.


Barre Sculpt classes will provide a low impact, full body workout that leave you feeling strong and centered. By performing precise isometric movements, muscle burn occurs more efficiently using your own body weight as resistance. Classes also include intervals of active and passing stretching that improve range of motion and posture. Barre Sculpt is therapeutic for the joints and safe for all ages and levels of fitness! Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00 pm and Wednesdays at 9:30 am in room 241 for Barre Sculpt.


Pickleball is a paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.