VHUMC Foundation

In 1985, Annie Lou Ellis established two endowments for music scholarships in memory of her husband Edwin. Others in the congregation began thinking about legacy gifts and in 1987, the Vestavia Hills United Methodist Foundation was founded with fifteen funds.  Some were already in existence and some were new funds. Another early endowment was the Maurice F. Bishop Fund, which supports ministries with children, the aged and handicapped and scholarships for persons preparing for church-related vocations.

List of Foundation Funds

As of December 31, 2016

VHUMC EndowmentSupplement the annual income of VHUMC to benefit its programs, missions, and facilities$657,080
Eric Hughes Memorial FundTo help those with acute needs for whom other funds are not readily available.$99,654
Maurice F. Bishop FundSupport institutions in care for children, the aged and handicapped; scholarship students in seminary entering UMC ministries and undergrads entering church related vocations$406,577
Cherish the Children FundCare for children with life threatening illness (esp. HIV and AIDS); provide educational/enrichment experiences for children living in poverty$17,413
Edwin B. & Annie Lou Ellis FundProvide scholarships for undergraduates with music/religious music as their primary interest$63,912
Happy Hal & Connie Burns FundTo provide need based scholarships for church members preparing for ordained or diaconal ministry or a church related vocation.$13,003
Mary Ann Dorsey FundSupport the Conservatory of the Arts (i.e. staff, equipment, facilities, curriculum, and education) $10,745
Dick Kelly FundProvide college scholarships for church members$15,474
Mel Sparkman FundProvide 1-year college scholarships for 1-3 graduating seniors (one of whom is a member of VHUMC) with good academic records and a demonstrated commitment to mission work$37,244
TOTAL: $1,321,102


Foundation Members

Class of 2016

  • Ted Strong
  • Ron “Bubba” Helveston
  • Wes Parker
  • Jerry Duncan

Class of 2017

  • Steve VanCamp
  • Brad Kimbrough, C
  • Sara Robicheaux
  • Brad Osborne

Class of 2018

  • Lauren Daniel
  • Howard Palmes
  • Randy McClendon
  • Chad Mize

Ex officio/Non voting: Church Administrator, Church Accountant, Senior Pastor


Grants and Disbursements of Foundation