Mission Grant Application

Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church has given great deal of prayerful thought and consideration to how to distribute and administer the funds VHUMC allocates to mission ministries.

Our funding philosophy for prioritizing contributions will be to fund the ministries where our members are on the ground in service. In other words, “our dollars must follow our hands and feet”. It is our strong belief that this is the best way to maximize the benefit to both the recipient ministry as well as our members. In a majority of situations, this is already the case.

We encourage you to give creative thought and consideration to additional ways our members can become personally involved in your ministry, not just a financial contributor to it. You will notice on the attached Budget Request Form Guidelines for 2021-2022 that several of the questions speak to the involvement of our members.

Should you have any questions, please contact Rachael Hayes, Missions Coordinator for VHUMC, at 205-769-0143 or rhayes@vhumc.org.

Guidelines for Grant Applications

The Missions Team of Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church (VHUMC) is charged with evaluating requests for assistance from local, regional and international organizations serving those in need. These guidelines are designed to inform prospective grant applicants on the criteria utilized to evaluate grant requests.


The deadline for grant applications is March 1, 2021. You will be notified by late Summer if your request is approved. If approved, funding will begin in July 2021 (unless otherwise noted).

What We Look For

To make the greatest impact with the funds available, the VHUMC Missions Team concentrates on providing financial assistance to organizations operating in the following areas: healthcare, housing and basic necessities.

Limitations and Restrictions

VHUMC Missions Team considers grant applications only from nonprofit organizations that have tax-exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The applying organization must have received its Letter of Determination from the IRS and provide us with a copy of same with their grant application. No grants are made to or for political organizations, candidates for public office or to finance lobbying activities.

Submitting an Application

Please submit the following:
1. The completed online application.
2. A copy of the organization’s Letter of Determination from the IRS. This can be attached in the online application.

Each request is reviewed by the Missions Team. The applicant will be contacted should additional information be required and/or if a site visit is deemed necessary in order to evaluate the application.