Spiritual Gifts

We are one body (the Church), designed to work together for the greater good. Taking the gifts inventory will help you identify and serve in ways suitable to who you were created to be.

4 reasons every Christian needs to know his/her spiritual gifts:

  1. Helps you identify and understand what you are uniquely called to do
  2. Helps you work effectively with the body of Christ (His Church), each fulfilling our unique calling
  3. Fulfills a deep yearning within your soul
  4. Relieves you from serving out of obligation

God has called each of us to serve, so please prayerfully consider where you can serve aligned with your gifts and passions. Once you complete this inventory, you will be contacted by our Director of Connectional Ministries to help find a suitable place that fits your unique gifts and passions.

See the Gift Descriptions

After taking the test you will be given a series of descriptions and you may not know exactly what they mean. So here are some brief descriptions on each one.