First semester classes run September 3 – December 18. Second semester classes run January 6 – May 14. No Friday classes.


Vestavia Dance will be closed on the following dates:

  • November 12 – Veterans Day
  • November 27 – 28 – Thanksgiving Week
  • December 19 – VHCS Early Dismissal
  • December 23 – January 3 – Christmas/ Winter Holidays
  • January 20 – MLK Day
  • February 17 – Presidents Day
  • March 23 – 26 – Spring Break

Dance classes follow the Vestavia Hills City Schools (VHCS) calendar and closings on inclement weather days. If Vestavia schools are not in session, Vestavia Dance will not have class.

Courtesy Code

All students and parents are asked not to enter dance studios while a class is being taught without knocking first. If you need to dress, please utilize the downstairs Lighthouse locker rooms. Please do not use any upstairs Lighthouse classrooms for homework, TV or breaks. No food or drinks are allowed in the dance studios or on stage. **Students 3 years of age through 3rd grade must be dropped off and picked up at the studio or stage by a parent/guardian. No student younger than 3rd grade will be dismissed without a parent/guardian.

Dress Code

Students should wear their hair up and secured tightly for class. No jewelry, watches or phones please. Dancing in form-fitting attire is preferred. Large shirts and long pants are discouraged.

  • BALLET – Leotard – pink for pre ballet students and black for everyone else, pink tights and pink ballet shoes (not slippers).
  • JAZZ – Leotard and tights any color and tan jazz shoes (any tan jazz shoe with a rubber heel will give us greater safety).
  • TAP – Leotard and tights any color with black tap shoes with staccato taps.
  • CLOGGING- Leotard and tights any color with white clogging shoes. Call 1-800-544-7824 and ask for the Kid Stomper for children and the Ms. Stomper for adults. Great discount on clogging shoes!
  • COMBO STUDENTS – Ballet and Jazz combo students need pink ballet shoes and tan jazz shoes. Ballet and Tap combo students need pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Ballet and Lyrical combo students need pink ballet shoes and tan lyrical shoes. All shoes should be labeled with name or initials written inside the shoes.
  • LYRICAL – Leotard and tights any color with tan lyrical shoes.
  • HIP HOP – Street clothes and tennis shoes. Your teacher may ask for a certain tennis shoe for the recital.


TENTATIVE date for the recital is Sunday, May 17, at Vestavia Hills High School. Dress rehearsal is Friday, May 15.