MIssion and Beliefs

Vestavia United MethodistsOur Mission:

Our Mission is to Share Christ by Learning, Telling, and Living His Story.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to be a community of faith where lives are consistently changed for Christ through our core values of Radical Hospitality (RH), Passionate Worship (PW), Intentional Faith Development (IFD), Risk-taking Mission & Service (RMS) and Extravagant Generosity (EG).

Our Bedrock Beliefs:

Our Bedrock Beliefs are trusting in God’s Grace, embracing our Creator’s Love and Forgiveness, Salvation through Jesus Christ, the Presence of the Holy Sprit, the Word of God as revealed in the Bible, the Resurrection, Eternal Life, the Power of Prayer, and the Church – the Body of Christ – serving the world.